Discover a stylish collection of designer rash vests and matching kicks for all ages, perfect for your next adventure in the sun and water.

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Not Just A Rash Vest

Designer Rash Vests, Kaalfööt

This premium designer rash vest not only offers superb style but also shields you from sunburn during prolonged sun exposure and prevents rashes caused by friction.

Ideal for various water activities like surfing, fishing, and kayaking, these versatile vests provide coverage under the sun while offering some defense against jellyfish stings.

They are even compatible with your favorite cozy Kaalfoot Kicks, whether you’re catching waves or chilling by the shore.

Rash Vests – All Ages

Outstanding quality rash vests crafted from durable fabric with UV protection feature flatlock stitching seams to prevent chafing. The quick-drying, stretchy, and lightweight material offers a snug fit against your skin, complete with a high mock neckline for added coverage.

With a full sublimation print and a composition of 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex (6-way stretch), these vests provide a comfy look and feel both in and out of the water.

  • Delivery 3-5 Days
  • Free delivery for orders over R1,000
  • UPF 50 – protects againt sunburn
  • Good quality, long lasting fabric
  • For all ages

Discover them below and elevate your water adventures!

Jelly Fish Rash Vest

Rash Vests - All Ages, Jelly Fish Rash Vest, Kaalfööt

Tribal Rash Vest

Rash Vests - All Ages, Tribal Rash Vest, Kaalfööt

Island Rash Vest

Rash Vests - All Ages, Island Rash Vest, Kaalfööt

Mermaid Rash Vest

Rash Vests - All Ages, Mermaid Rash Vest, Kaalfööt

Abstract Rash Vest

Rash Vests - All Ages, Abstract Rash Vest, Kaalfööt

Rash Vest Size Chart


1/2 Chest

Back Length


































1/2 Chest: Measure from armpit to armpit around the front.

Back length: Length from the collar to end of the garment.

Matching Kaalfööt Kicks

Elevate your style and comfort with Kaalfööt Kicks, the perfect match for our trendy long sleeve rash vests.

Beyond the coordinating pairs, there is a wide range of options for adults and tots alike. These versatile kicks are not just footwear; they are a lifestyle choice.

Kaalfööt Kicks, footwear, shoes, lifestyle choice

From camping to yoga, beach days to dog walks, and even relaxing at home, Kaalfööt Kicks are your go-to choice. Whether you’re fishing, hiking, or hitting the gym, these kicks provide the ideal blend of style and functionality.

Made with high-quality fabric and featuring our logo, these products ensure comfort and durability in every step. Add them to your cart now and enjoy the convenience of our secure payment methods.

  • Delivery 3-5 Days
  • Free delivery for orders over R1,000
  • For all ages
  • Extremely comfy, non-slip shoes
  • Quick-dry
  • Use indoors, outdoors, home or on holiday

Jelly Fish Adults & Tots

Kaalfööt Kicks, shoes, Jelly Fish

Tribal Adults & Tots

Kaalfööt Kicks, shoes, Tribal

Island Adults

Kaalfööt Kicks, shoes, Island

Mermaid Adults & Tots

Kaalfööt Kicks, shoes, Mermaid

Abstract Adults

Kaalfööt Kicks, shoes, Abstract

What Customers Say

Got my mom a pair — she’s not taking them off. They are her gardening shoes, walking shoes, lazing around the house shoes and errand shoes. They look so cute on her feet! Will definitely be getting more in different colours. And the shoes are true to size. 5 is a 5.

Eloise B.

Love these bad boys, working from home I have been looking for a shoe that I can slip on and carry on for the day. These are great!!! Used them at the beach over the weekend … and wow another plus. Now my wife and brother wants a pair … and I want another color.

Umesh K.

I used my Kaalfoots in the evenings at camp on the Fish River hike and it worked really well to keep goggos and sand out. Love it!

M F.

Final Thoughts

Kaalfööt offers a harmonious blend of style and functionality with their range of long sleeve rash vests and matching kicks. These products not only provide excellent sun protection and comfort in and out of the water but also extend to a myriad of activities, from yoga to dog walking and beyond.

long sleeve rash vests and matching kicks, Kaalfööt

Moreover, Kaalfööt caters to a diverse audience with an array of stylish and practical offerings. To explore more of their innovative products, including other apparel and accessories designed for various lifestyles, visit their website today.

Kaalfööt apparel and accessories

Elevate your wardrobe and experience the perfect fusion of quality fabric, skin protection, and contemporary design with Kaalfööt’s versatile collection.

Add these exceptional items to your cart and embrace a new level of style and functionality!

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