My Story.

A very personal read.

Lifescape SA About Author

Well hi, I’m Chanelle

A born-and-raised South African girl with nothing more than a passion, a laptop, and a dream.

I’m proud to have created my own digital empire that touches millions.

I think there is something so very awkward, curious, and bizarre about writing a biography page of yourself.

It calls the question (and at times, existentialism) of examining yourself and who you are, or who you want your audience to know you as.

Oh and before I continue – If you’re eager to discover more about the wonders of South Africa, you’re on the wrong page. This is the TMI section. Go here instead to explore the essence of local lifestyle, travel, home, gardening, and helpful tips that showcase the beauty of South Africa.

The Short Story

It’s funny that as children, we think we know everything.

And it seems that the older we get, the more obscure the world, what we want to do, and what we want out of life becomes.

I don’t pretend to know everything, and this blog isn’t about knowing everything. But here is what I do know:

  • South Africans know the joy of a “braai” (barbecue) with friends and family under the African sun, but also the frustration of load shedding disrupting our plans.
  • We understand the beauty of biltong and rusks for snacks, yet we grumble about the unpredictable weather that can’t make up its mind.
  • Despite the challenges, we thrive on the spirit of Ubuntu and the diverse cultures that shape our rainbow nation.
  • While some choose to explore other lands, my heart remains rooted in South Africa, passionate about sharing what makes us truly unique.
  • From the stunning landscapes of the Cape to the lively streets of Johannesburg and the warm shores of Durban, there’s a piece of magic in every corner that keeps me captivated.

And these things I know, I want to share.

Let’s celebrate the good, the bad, and the uniquely South African together!

With 3+ years of experience in content, marketing, and blogging, I’m always on the lookout for the best topics worth writing about, exploring new ideas, and uncovering creative solutions and strategies to foster growth.

Not only in these industries but in my individual everyday life.

But above all, I am an avid learner and a curious person.

The Long Story

I’ve always wanted to start a business or achieve something GREAT and here was how I was going to do it: 

  1. Graduate high school with top grades.
  2. Get into a prestigious university.
  3. Take my studies further and get a Masters’s- get even more qualified.
  4. Find a corporate job at a reputable firm.
  5. Climb the ranks and get a respectable senior or a managerial role.

And once I had accumulated enough experience, knowledge, connections, and capital, that was when I was going to start my business.

That was when I was going to do something big, something great. 

I don’t know what that something great is, or how, but I’ll set off to do that because surely I’d know what I was doing by then. 

Does this sound familiar?

For a very long period in my life, this very conventional path of life was irrefutable to me.

They were facts set in stone, history of the future written down, masking a very fragile person who was not ready to confront what she was actually doing with her life (still don’t!)

I never once questioned why this narrative of my life was already set out for me, and perhaps, set out for you too.

The earth-shattering, life-changing, utterly devastating moment that this reality came to me?

Well, it started with motherhood.

Yes, I confronted every self-limiting belief I had about my entire life when I was presented with motherhood.

Motherhood had me question what I was really passionate about. It made me realize that I didn’t want to be stuck in a corporate job; I desired something more fulfilling.

I started to question more and more, why I was waiting to do big things, things I’ve always wanted to do.

The birth of my son sparked a fire within me to step out of my comfort zone and pursue what I’ve always dreamt of—engaging in meaningful work that truly resonates with my soul.

And between you, motherhood, and the internet, I found myself at a crossroads of self-discovery and endless possibilities.

What was actually stopping me at all? 

Was it societal beliefs? Family expectations? Or was it a deep fear of the unknown? A finely disguised form of procrastination?

In truth, it was all of the above, and so much more. Confronting these questions wasn’t easy, but they were necessary.

And this event spiraled into a constant search for more knowledge and more experiences.

I had always been curious about all things business, tech, entrepreneurship, and innovation, but my self-limitations, lack of confidence, bouts of self-doubt, and uncertainty had always prevented me from actually pursuing these things.

It took a lot of courage and many, many failures, but the very things I was once so intimidated by, I do on a day to day basis: I create something meaningful for audiences and readers seeking deeper insights into what our country has to offer.

I work with cutting-edge SEO and marketing tools to deliver the best advice and knowledge. Additionally, I craft content that delves into the tips and tricks I’ve mastered in SEO and Marketing, aiming to empower and educate those eager to learn more.

And through my journey, I realised something so very important.

And it’s that, although my journey is my own, my experiences are singular to only myself…

The steps I took weren’t.

These experiences aren’t unique to me – they can be yours too

Which leads me to why I started this blog.

It’s the realisation that actually, the things I’ve done aren’t inspiring. In fact, they’re all very doable steps anyone can take to immediately make an impact. Whether personally or for work.

So if you’re reading this, I encourage you to look into finding the right solution for any roadblocks preventing you from progressing.

If you’re someone interested in personal growth, that’s wonderful! You’ll discover practical and actionable articles aimed at jumpstarting and fast-tracking your goals and passions within our vibrant country of South Africa, as well as explore the diverse offerings South African living provides.

If you’ve made it this far, I sincerely thank you for taking the time to learn about my story.

Here’s a cheers to curiosity.

Good luck!